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About the research

Anne Bayetto
Lecturer Education
Flinders University, Adelaide
Professor Joseph Lo Bianco
Chair of Language and Literacy Education Associate Dean (International)
University of Melbourne
Janet Scull
Lecturer Language and Literacy Education
University of Melbourne

Download Oxford Wordlist(pdf)
Download Oxford Wordlist Plus(pdf)
Download Research Summary (pdf)
Download Stage 2 Research Summary (pdf)


The Oxford Wordlist Interactive Tool

Stage 1 of the Oxford Wordlist research study, An investigation of high frequency words in young children’s writing and reading development, was conducted by Oxford University Press in Australian schools in 2007.

Stage 2 of the research study: An investigation of high frequency words in Years 3 and 4 students’ writing development was conducted in Australian schools in 2009.

The Oxford Wordlist Interactive Tool draws on the database of all words collected in Stages 1 and 2 of the Oxford Wordlist research study, allowing educators to access frequently used words according to demographic characteristics. These characteristics include year of school, gender, ethnic or linguistic background, social or familial opportunity, and location of school.

By selecting those characteristics most relevant to students from a range of groups in their classrooms, educators can create customised wordlists for early writers, use these lists to plan relevant programs, and determine those words most likely to allow all students to engage in the curriculum.

Lists can be created by selecting any combination of characteristics. For example, lists can be displayed considering one variable (such as gender), two variables (such as gender and year of school) or multiple variables (such as gender, year of school and location). The words generated in each list are those words most frequently used by students with that particular demographic profile.

Access the Oxford Wordlist, The Words Children Write: Research Summary of the Oxford Wordlist, the Oxford Wordlist Plus, The Words Children Write—beyond the early years: Summary Report of the Oxford Wordlist, Stage 2 Research Study, and related classroom resources on this site.

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